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Compu-Techie Jo

Compu-Techie Jo is JJC Compu-Techies of Croydon South London, Proprietor & most senior technician, Smart Home design, configuration and setup. Desktop, laptop and PC repairs. Computer maintenance, virus and malware removal.

Is WPA2 Wi-Fi security dead?

What is WPA2 WPA2 is the network protocol that all modern devices are currently using to securely connect to our home, office or public Wi-Fi networks. It is that little symbol we see that says “Secured” and requires the correct password to gain access on routers that is protected with WPA2 security. What has happened A… Read More »Is WPA2 Wi-Fi security dead?

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Windows 10….. is it OK?

[spacer height=”20px”] Windows 10 is available from Microsoft for download and installation, is it worth doing and is it any good? Windows 10 has been available from Microsoft as an update to users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 since the end of July 2015 and also as an ISO download for multiple installations. My usual… Read More »Windows 10….. is it OK?