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PC MOT & Health check

Periodic Health Check.

JJJC Compu-Techies PC MOT

Most computers over time begin to run slower and slower for a variety of reasons such as age, usage or clutter. Sometimes the sluggish behaviour is due to an infection or even a multitude of them. Occasionally this can occur overnight, but often as not it is the cumulative effect of several months of malware infection that has gone unnoticed, and has only now chosen to reveal itself.

We often forget that this wonderful tool (our computer) does need additional attention from time to time. However we have a tendency to leave things until they are in danger of total failure, and not until we are completely prevented from using our computer do we notice the problems. This is not an ideal way to look after our technology  as the cost may actually spiral out of control.

We recommend avoiding this by having periodic health checks, this can be as frequent as twice a year, though it is very much dependent on usage. The benefits are greatly reduced risk of data loss, smoother and better performance and less risk of data theft and PC intrusion.

Our MOT health check covers the the following:-

  • Full and comprehensive virus and malware scan and removal of detrimental items
  • Removal of rogue, unwanted and suspicious programs
  • Comprehensive search and removal of data, cookies and detritus that may be clogging your computer
  • Browser settings reset and cleared of any “Browser Hijack” changes or alterations
  • Computer restore points removed and replaced with a new one
  • A full report on what was discovered and removed


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