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Over time and with virtually no Training most of us have mastered the use of computers by our own means and with little additional help or support, and this is not a bad thing. However with the ever increasing rate at which new software, operating platforms and applications are changing, keeping fluent and abreast is not easy. Not all of us absorb information the same way and we can find from time to time that we need one to one support with things that challenge us, as this can speed up productivity and makes better use of our time resources.

At JJC Compu-Techies we provide a one to one training service that can help with this problem. In a user friendly way, in your own environment and on your own computer we deliver differing levels of help, training and support to empower you to achieve your aims, objectives and ambitions in a clear and confident way. We have many flexible solutions that will accommodate most levels from beginner to intermediate, from refresher to new version user. Timetables, areas covered and levels of intensity are tailored to individuals own needs.

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