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Home network security still remains one of the least considered by users. The common feeling is the default settings are fine to stick with. Checks, scans and firmware upgrades are very rarely done. It works so why check and why bother? Not protected by or to be confused with your computers Anti-Virus software protection, your home network is the collection of devices within your home that all connect to the internet. These days this is an ever expanding list of computers, phones, tablets, televisions, radios, fridges, washing machines, cookers, CCTV cameras, remote thermostat controllers with many more items joining daily.

Your network has a gateway to the outside world, as such all movement of data takes place through this portal. You rely upon this gateway without any real idea that it is one. Never checking to see how much of it is open and exposed, never checking to see what is coming and going. As more and more devices are added your online safety can be compromised along with data that you store.

The ability to compromise a device, Mobile phone, Tablet or Computer is sadly an everyday event in this digital age. The initial impact may not be clearly visible but the increased usage of resources can slow down your network and devices, whilst traffic is alternatively manipulated. Your exposure will equally go unnoticed and your data may be accessed and used against you.

A comprehensive check and test will establish the strength or weakness of your network, allowing you to take an informed course of action. Awareness of what is being shared and with who, often highlights how easy it is to unwittingly share information that we had not agreed to.

Our results are immediate, often changes can be made straight away with lasting effect, better practises can be implemented and easily accessible tools and indicators are shown and demonstrated. New and alternative choices are also available.

Appointments are for one hour slots and will give a detailed state of your network, highlighting vulnerabilities, weaknesses and poor settings.

Take action and regain control of your network, be aware of your own security and have confidence that you are up to date and properly protected.


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