Make "Alexa" your real Virtual Assistant

We will configure and set your Alexa to reach its Full Potential.

1. Lighting
2. Curtains / Blinds
3. TV’s
4. Audio
5. Security
7. Heating
8. Room scents
9. Event notifications
10. Robot vacuuming
11. Door entry
12. Panic alarm

Set your Smart Home to work for you.
Live the life you really want to.

Whats in it for You?

Automated routines

Personalised, efficient and responsive tasks actioned and completed 24 hours a day.

Save time and money

Spend more time with the ones you love. Save time and energy. 100% satisfaction or Money Back

Controlled by you from anywhere

Easily control your home environment from where ever you are.

The Demo!

What happens

On site demonstration of what can be set up for you. See Alexa performing these automated tasks.


Find out what can work for you and what savings and efficiencies can be created to meet your specific needs.

Your questions answered

Get a working insight on how your needs can be met and your desires achieved.


Get a free full assessment and report on the things that matter most to you. 100% Satisfaction or Money Back.

Customers reviews

For many years I have used Jo at Compu-Techies for my PC issues. Recently he set up my Smart home with Alexa, now I could never go back to what was before. I cannot believe the extent of the benefits and how come it took me so long to find out. This is a service I think every home should benefit from.
Jo from Compu-Techies has helped set up my Smart home. I cannot overstate what a difference Alexa has been in my life. My disabilities mean that simple tasks can be very akward and cumbersome, but not anymore. I confess to liking gadgets and things that do jobs for me, but this is on another level.
I found Jo from Compu-Techies very professional, very reliable and most efficient. Setting up technology can be challenging and is a little beyond me, so this was an offer I could not resist. Simple but routine tasks are a thing of the past. I would not hesitate in recommending Compu-Techies and this service.
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⭐ 25 years in IT support

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